Saturday Tournament Information

As of spring 2022 we rarely run a quads tournament on Saturdays; we usually stick to pick-up games.  However, below is the schedule we followed in our heyday some years ago.  It may seem like a curiosity now, but it would be nice to get back to this format someday.


1st Saturday Blind Draw with skill divisions
2nd Saturday Pick-Your-Partner Reverse Co-ed with skill divisions
3rd Saturday Single-Gender Draw with skill divisions
4th Saturday Pick-Your-Partner with skill divisions
Lagniappe Saturday A-level and B-level players will be paired, but there will be no gender divisions

REGISTRATION: 11:30 AM                    TIME: NOON – 2pm                    DONATION:  $5



All players are welcome. We play doubles, quads, and six person games

TIME:  2:00 pm – till                            FREE

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